Soil Access Systems w Capsule

A WECSA Soil Access System with UNIBEST resin capsules can be used for long term soil chemical monitoring. A casing remains in the soil for the duration of the monitoring project. The carrier inside the casing facilitates periodic exchange of resin capsules, much like changing film in an old style camera. Together these products provide a cost effective way to of characterizing (mapping chemical availability) over the length, width, and depth of a soil during any time period.

In 1991 WECSA teamed up with UNIBEST, Inc. to promote this innovative resin capsule that soaks up the chemistry from a soil. The capsule is then analyzed in a laboratory for the chemical ions that were available during the period it was in contact with the soil. This capsule works the same way in all soils. Go to our reference information to learn how the capsule works.

From WECSA and UNIBEST, Inc.

Creative, 4-dimensional, soil chemistry monitoring is easy to use and leads to reduced costs by saving time and improving your understanding of soil chemical dynamics.