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A Runoff and Soil-Loss Monitoring Technique Using Paired Plots

William L. Jackson, Karla Knoop, Joseph J. Szalona, Shirley Hudson. 1985. USDI Bureau of Land Management, Denver, Colorado. Technical Note 368. 28 pgs.
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     Differences in annual runoff and soil loss caused by livestock grazing on arid rangelands can be measured directly from large plots. A low-cost monitoring technique is described which uses retangular plots, collection tanks, and cumulative mechanical stage-height counters. Annual runoff and soil loss are measured on paired grazed and ungrazed plots. The plots are replicated and the pairing provides a control. Thus the statistical validity of any differences between grazed and ungrazed plots can be assessed. The plots are easy to construct, and can be maintained with as few as one to two visits per year. The system is presently being tested at four separate locations.

Additional Index Words: Soil Loss, Erosion, Monitoring.

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