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Growth-Limiting Soil Bulk Densities As Influenced By Soil Texture

Richard L. Daddow and Gordon E. Warrington. 1983. Watershed Systems Development Group, USDA Forest Service, WSDG Report WSDG-TN-00005. 21 pgs.
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     Many soil properties influence the bulk density but in most cases, soil texture appears to be the most important. For forest management, reduced vegetative productivity due to soil compaction is associated with logging skid trails, roads, and intensive animal use. There is a complex interaction between many soil and plant properties that affect plant growth but, there seems to be a threshold soil bulk density value where plant growth is essentially stopped . This “growth–limiting” bulk density is closely associated with soil texture due to effects on soil pore size leading to mechanical resistance to root penetration. This paper provides soil scientists with a tool for estimating the “growth–limiting” soil bulk density of many different kinds of soils.

Additional Index Words: Soil, Bulk Density, Compaction.

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