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ELSEVIER - Agriculture & Forest Sciences 'Agricultural & Forest Sciences Alert' a news service about developments and changes to Elsevier Science publications in the fields of agronomy, crop, soil and forest science and related areas.

ELSEVIER Soil Science Journals

Applied Soil Ecology Applied Soil Ecology addresses the role of soil organisms and their interactions. This is the basis of sustainable agricultural and forestry systems and the long-term conservation of soils in both the temperate and tropical regions.
Catena Catena is an Interdisciplinary Journal of Soil Science - Hydrology - Geomorphology focusing on Geoecology and Landscape Evolution. GEOECOLOGY, the geoscientific-hydro-climatological subset of process-oriented studies of the present ecosystem.  LANDSCAPE EVOLUTION, the genesis of the present ecosystem, in particular the genesis of its structure concerning soils, sediment, relief, their spatial organization and analysis in terms of paleoprocesses;
Geoderma An International Journal of Soil Science. Geoderma has helped to stimulate wide interdisciplinary cooperation and understanding among workers in the different fields of pedology by bringing together papers from the entire field of soil research rather than emphasizing any one sub-discipline.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Soil biology and soil biochemistry cover many scientific disciplines but a single journal brings together the results and views of research workers working in a wide variety of research areas. This journal is a forum for research on soil organisms, their biochemical activities and their influence on the soil environment and plant growth.
Soil and Tillage Research Soil and Tillage Research is concerned with the changes in the physical, chemical and biological parameters of the soil environment brought about by soil tillage and field traffic, their effects on both below and above ground environmental quality, crop establishment , root development and plant growth, and the interactions between these various effects. This is an international journal on research and development in soil tillage and field traffic, and their relationship with land use, crop production and the environment.
Soil Technology Soil Technology is an international journal which is concerned with the advancement of soil technology procedures based on scientific principles and field investigations. Soil technology is defined here as a system of soil and land use management which meets society's requirements with regard to soil care and the role of soil in the environment, and which is allied to the theory of all disciplines of soil science and related branches of the biological and earth sciences.
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Sciences of Soils

Sciences of Soils Link

SCIENCES of SOILS provides an international peer-reviewed Online Forum on a broad range of topics of interest to soil scientists. SCIENCES of SOILS benefits from the advantages of electronic publishing on the World_Wide_Web, which make it ideally suited to scientific publishing. Articles include new experimental results, descriptions of new experimental methods of pedological importance, and new interpretations of existing results.
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International Rice Research Institute

International Rice Research Institute

IRRI is a nonprofit agricultural research and training center established to improve the well-being of present and future generations of rice farmers and consumers, particularly those with low incomes. It is dedicated to helping farmers in developing countries produce more food on limited land using less water, less labor, and fewer chemical inputs, without harming the environment.

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