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Statistical Methods Commonly Used in Soil Data Analysis

Darlene G. Blaney, Stanley L. Ponce, and Gordon E. Warrington. 1984. Watershed Systems Development Group, USDA Forest Service, WSDG Report WSDG-TP-00011. 251 pgs.
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     The purpose of this WSDG report is to review several statistical methods commonly used in soil data analysis. It is intended to provide Forest Soil Scientists with a concise review of basic statistics. Throughout the report the assumptions underlying the various statistical tests have been emphasized and soil examples have been included. Although it is anticipated that you will perform most of your statistical analysis on programmable calculators or computers, the basic formulas and procedures involved in the various statistical tests have been included to help give you a better perspective of what is going on in the "canned" programs.

Additional Index Words: Soil, Data Analysis, Monitoring, Measuring.

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