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Growth-Limiting Soil Bulk Densities As Influenced By Soil Texture
       Richard L. Daddow and Gordon E. Warrington. 1983.
       Watershed Systems Development Group, USDA Forest Service, WSDG Report WSDG-TN-00005.
       Reprint in PDF (104 KB, 21 pages)

Estimating Soil Erosion Using an Erosion Bridge
       Darlene G. Blaney and Gordon E. Warrington. 1983.
       Watershed Systems Development Group, USDA Forest Service, WSDG Report WSDG-TP-00008.
       Reprint in PDF (1.62 MB, 61 pages)

Statistical Methods Commonly Used in Soil Data Analysis
       Darlene G. Blaney, Stanley L. Ponce, and Gordon E. Warrington. 1984.
       Watershed Systems Development Group, USDA Forest Service, WSDG Report WSDG-TP-00011.
        Reprint in PDF (5.04 MB, 251 pages)

Other Soil and Watershed Management Publications

Natural Resource Management Information

Guidelines for Sampling Some Physical Conditions of Surface Soils
       Steve Howes, John Hazard, and J. Michael Geist. 1983.
       USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, R6-RWM-146-1983. 34 pgs.
       Reprint in PDF (667 KB, 38 pages)

Precision, accuracy, and efficiency of four tools for measuring soil bulk density or strength
      Richard E. Miller, John Hazard, and Steven Howes. 2001.

Res.Pap.PNW-RP-532. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture,
      Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 16 pgs.
  The Needs of the Users of Soil Survey Information: Reliability and Methods of Presentation
       G. E. Warrington, S. G. Leonard, D. Moos, C. Osen, W. E. Russell, E. Sautter. 1989.
       Proceedings of National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 24-28, 1989.
       Reprint in PDF (1.22 MB, 38 pages)

Organizing Information For Natural Resource Management
       G. E. Warrington. 1998. Note
       WECSA, P.O. Box 489, Saint Ignatius, MT 59865.
       Paper in

PDF (18.2 KB, 2 pages)

A Runoff and Soil-Loss Monitoring Technique Using Paired Plots
       William L. Jackson, Karla Knoop, Joseph J. Szalona, Shirley Hudson. 1985.
       USDI Bureau of Land Management, Denver, Colorado. Technical Note 368. 28 pgs.
       Reprint in   

PDF (1.75 MB, 26 pages)
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