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WECSA Soil Access Tube -- Exploded View
  • For high visibility an orange cap, low visibility a green cap -- both with an orange collar
  • Several tubes can be used together to simultaneously sample multiple points in a soil column

  • The spring loaded carrier assembly is easily removed from the casing for changing UNIBEST resin capsules
  • Capsules are quickly and easily replaced
  • The retainer securely holds a UNIBEST resin capsule so that one-half of the capsule surface is in contact with the soil
  • Available in lengths to access depths from 10 centimeters (4-inches) to 2.3 meters (7.5-feet)
  • The casing is placed in the ground at an angle where it remains for the duration of the study
  • Roots grow vertically into the soil, not along the access tube
  • Water does not run down to the sample point

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5,355,736  &  5,578,769

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