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Product Information

WECSA Soil Access systems come in two styles, 1) a standard casing that extends about 30-cm above the ground and 2) a shorty style, at the same price, that is about 15-cm above the ground. The shorty casing is recommended for the 10, 15, and 20-cm sample depths. A shorty system can be found using a metal detector, but not the standard system. Please add $.50 (US) per unit if you need metal detector capability for the standard system.

WECSA has gone metric--at least for the lengths of the access systems--to simplify production and reduce costs. Systems can still be made to English measurements for an additional $1.00 (US) per unit. If you would like the old version with both Metric and English calibrations that will add $2.00 (US) per unit. Dual calibrations are not available for the shorty units.

Access system colors will help you find or hide them in field. All access systems come with an orange collar on the casing. A choice of an orange cap for high visibility that makes it easier to find in the field or a vegetation green cap that blends well into most natural backgrounds. The grey tube parts have a UV inhibitor to resist deterioration from the sun.

Manufacturing the soil access systems starts when all documents for an order are received. Normally you can expect WECSA to ship the products within five working days from this date. This just in time manufacturing helps to keep costs down.

Request a Quote for access systems and resin capsules. To provide you with an accurate price quote on our products please fill in our quote form.

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Shipping weight per unit is approximate and is based on packaging four units together in each box.

WECSA will select the best method of surface shipping unless prior arrangements have been made. WECSA has no responsibility for loss or damage to the goods after we have delivered them to any common carrier or their representative.

Delivery dates are only an estimate and WECSA will have no liability for late or partial deliveries. We will accommodate rush shipments at an additional charge.

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